Tax Court finances debt after natural disaster and awards bids | Unclassified

The Tax Court of the Department of Lyon met on Thursday, February 10 to continue discussions on disaster recovery and conduct cases related to tax matters of the department.

In January, the court issued a request for proposals for debris cleanup and monitoring. At the February 10 meeting, he awarded bids.

Rostan Solution LLC will continue to perform debris monitoring services and Promise Land Tree Services will continue to perform debris cleanup services.

Services performed under contract are eligible for reimbursement by FEMA, said Executive Judge Wade White. Rostan Managers Blake Riley and Johnny Osborne attended the meeting and provided an update.

They reported that the debris cleanup is 90% complete. The court and Rostan estimate that post-disaster cleanup will cost $1.9 million.

They announced that a third and final pass would be conducted on February 21 to help residents clean up their residences and neighborhoods.

Riley estimates that work on the right-of-way, tree stump removal and hauling will continue until the end of March.

White advised the court that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet was reimbursing the county for clearing debris from the state highway.

Rostan reported on Tuesday February 8 that nearly 91,000 cubic meters had been collected.

The court also discussed funding options in detail during the last two meetings. During the meeting, it voted a funding order.

“Whereas the Governing Body has determined that an emergency exists due to the immediate need for funds to meet the costs, and that it is necessary at this time for the Governing Body to pass this Ordinance in Emergency Session” , according to the order.

Emergency Ordinance No. 02-2022 was passed unanimously. The court agreed that $2.5 million should be enough to cover the costs associated with the disaster.

The court will issue general obligation bonds, not to exceed $2.5 million, through a program jointly created by the Kentucky Association of Counties Finance Corporation.

Following the Monday, February 14, meeting, White announced that the county had been debt-free since 2014. However, recent natural disasters have resulted in exorbitant unforeseen expenses.

“We anticipate the cleanup will cost approximately $2 million,” he said in a Facebook post. “Obviously we don’t have much on hand.”

He added that KACO and County Attorney Lee Wilson have done an excellent job establishing favorable loan agreements.

“We fully intend to reimburse this amount as soon as FEMA reimburses us for the damages,” White said. “It may take about a year, but that’s the plan to be debt-free again.”

Lyon County Sheriff Brent White reported that the office received nearly 20 complaints from Lyon County residents about predatory contractors and fraudulent services during disaster recovery.

A special convened meeting is called for February 24 at 1:30 p.m.