Tuesday Tip: Disaster Preparedness – Gifts and Decorative Accessories

It’s hard to predict exactly when a natural disaster may strike, so it’s best to have a plan of action planned just in case. In a recent blog post, Carol Schroeder of Orange Tree Imports in Madison, Wisconsin, shared a few things to do in the event of a natural disaster:

  1. Communicate with your staff. “It is important to follow the recommendations of local authorities regarding the closure and evacuation,” Schroeder wrote. “It’s a good idea to give your managers the power to make the decision to close if you can’t be reached and to see how to secure the premises. “
  2. Communicate with customers. Once your staff are aware of security protocols, use social media to let your customers know if and when you decide to close your store. Also be sure to let them know when you will be returning to regular shopping hours.
  3. Back up your store data. Schroeder suggests keeping digital copies of important financial and other documents etc. saved in the cloud. “You may also want to keep copies of some important documents at home or in a safe deposit box at your bank,” she added.

For more, see Schroeder’s full blog post on disaster preparedness.

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