Watch TESSERACT Play New Single “Natural Disaster” Live

tesseract played a new single “Natural Disaster” live lately and it kicks a really big ass. Check out fan-filmed footage of the single performed at Knotfest Finland 2022 above. If you missed that old school tesseract sound recent years, or just felt like Daniel Tompkins needed to scream at the top of his lungs more than he did, you’re gonna love that.

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tesseract was in the studio in May, so hopefully we’ll get an official release of “Natural Disaster” soon. In February, the band released the pushes back EP, with the two singles “Hollow” and “Rebirth”, benefiting Ukraine. Proceeds are expected to be donated to the Regrowth Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) as it continues to help those in Ukraine.

“These songs have been in the tesseract domain for a while,” the band said in a statement. “We had them developed for album 5, but they just weren’t the right fit for the direction this album is taking. Rather than letting them slowly decay on a server somewhere, we figured they could do something good, no matter how small? Many organizations are doing well right now. Médecins Sans Frontières, Amnesty International and World United. We have chosen to assist the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in its quest to help Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion and war zones around the world. Our last flagship tour visited Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv. We have traveled the roads currently under attack, but we cannot begin to imagine the change they have undergone.”

pushes back is available for buy here.

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