A loan is invaluable help when we have sudden financial needs and we do not have the savings to satisfy them. We borrow loans for various purposes – treatment, shopping, holiday trip, payment of bills, reception device, to mention only some of them. What will we need to get this support?

Today, banks and non-bank companies compete in offering loans to their clients on convenient terms – without complicated formalities, instant, also available entirely via the Internet. It seems then that each of us can afford such a loan. However, we should be aware that if we do not meet the basic requirements, we will meet with the refusal.


A loan for evidence and nothing more

A loan for evidence and nothing more

Although it may seem that obtaining a loan as proof is impossible, there are companies that provide such services. Modern loan companies by the number of evidence are able to determine the financial credibility of the person applying for a cash injection and on this basis make the decision whether to grant the loan or not.

For smaller amounts, we do not need to provide any additional documents. However, when you want to take out a loan amounting to tens of thousands of zlotys, there may be additional requirements. The loan company will then require additional security, for example a mortgage or a promissory note. Also, we should remember that even with such guarantees, loans for evidence are expensive.

At the same time, Polish citizenship and address of residence are important. Getting a loan in Poland as a citizen of another country is not as easy as it may seem. Therefore, the basis is Polish citizenship, as well as the address of residence in Poland. So when we live abroad and would like to take out an online loan in Poland, we can have some difficulties with it.


Loans in the bank and non-bank loans – installments, payday loans

Loans in the bank and non-bank loans - installments, payday loans

We will often not need a permanent source of income to take out a loan, for example under a contract of employment, pension or old-age pension. Of course, this does not mean that we will not get a loan when working on a contract for a work or order. However, this depends on the practices of the loan institution.

If we care about how to lower the cost of the loan, we will have to have a positive credit history, i.e. a high scoring in the databases, for example BIK. It is a confirmation that we are timely and reliable in repayment of our debts.

Furthermore, if we want to take out a loan online via a non-bank company, for example an on-line loan , we will have to have our own bank account. It will be used to perform a verification transfer.

In summary, we do not need much to borrow, but the more we meet the conditions, the installment loan will be more attractive to us in terms of costs. It is therefore worth checking the conditions carefully and choosing one that will be easy to obtain, but it will not be too expensive for us.

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