Wilton Disaster Preparedness Training Program for Residents Launched

Wilton’s all-volunteer Community Emergency Response Team, in conjunction with Wilton’s Director of Emergency Management and Wilton Police Chief John Lynch, announced their annual emergency preparedness training program. disasters.

The course begins on Tuesday February 1 and will run twice a week for four weeks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings via Zoom.

Interested persons should register as soon as possible.

Visit wiltoncert.org/disaster-preparedness-training for more information and to register online.

Course participants must be 16 years of age or older. However, those interested in joining Wilton CERT must be at least 18 years old.

There is no cost for training. For more information contact [email protected]

The course is for Wilton residents who want to be properly trained to help family, friends and neighbors in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

CERT instructors certified by the Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, along with other instructors from the Wilton Police Department, Wilton Fire Department, and Wilton Emergency Medical Services, will participate in the training.

The training will cover a variety of emergency skills, such as how to prepare for disaster if and when it strikes; advice on fire safety, including how to put out small fires; and how to evacuate a smoky building, as well as basic first aid, disaster psychology, hazardous materials and terrorism awareness.

At the end of the course, disaster preparedness backpack kits will be provided free of charge to all participants.

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates are eligible and encouraged to join the Wilton CERT organization.

As part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Wilton CERT routinely provides assistance to the city and its first responders during major emergency incidents and public events.

Wilton CERT performed a wide range of deployment activities, including traffic and crowd control tasks, search and rescue missions for missing persons, staffing COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Wilton, emergency shelter and emergency food distribution.